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Fontana Mix for early June

Ripped out the of NYT magazines interview: ” I can be a huge procrastinator, but you know procrastination is useful because it gives you such a short amount of time to get things done at the end that you have to focus.” I loved this.

Greece has declined the Loan of the Elgin Marbles – this is a pretty crappy thing for the British to try – Greece would have had to publicly announce that England’s ownership is valid and legal – then they would loan them to the new Acropolis Study Center.

246 Editions is part of a show at Pocket Utopia in July 16th, and plans are almost finalized for a weekend show in Philadelphia in October.

The more time I spend thinking about “The Pictures Generation” at the Met the more I’m wondering that it feels really revisionist in it’s historical interpretation. It’s not like these artists were immediately loved or anything.

Neue Gallerie is showing the Die Bruke artists – it seems like the time is right to start thinking about these painters again. In fact I am almost expecting a return to some sort of “figurative expressionism” to have a bit of a groundswell in the galleries again.

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