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Holiday Wrappings

Usually this post is in reaction to receiving the Taschen holiday catalog. No catalog this year, but there are so many great books (and other things) available out this year I’ve decided to just go forward. So here’s a list of what I think are pretty interesting reads. My only real rule: No digital gifts.

Christopher Wool
This is the Christopher Wool book that I’m crazy about from Taschen – I’m not crazy enough to spend over a thousand dollars on it – so this is the version for the rest of the world. 45 dollars.

Tom Sachs – Various zines
I’m of the mindset that zines are best when they are inexpensive – I’m sure galleries see it the other way and that’s fine, because Tom Sachs delivers it both ways. You can buy the super limited versions or, like me, but the mass produced version for 15 dollars or even less.

My Favorites are:
Haute Bricolage (Third Class Version) Five dollars

Nutsy’s Road Test Version 0.63 [Dollar Cut 2009 Reissue] Five dollars

Six-inch Wraparound Canvas Pliers from John Annesly
These canvas pliers are the best I’ve seen and used for larger canvas. They are big and strong – but be careful the first time I used them I actually tore the canvas.

Moleskine Cahiers
Some people like them in black, but I prefer them in the kraft paper cover – a light slim and nicely made sketchbook with no wire binding that will last almost forever. Besides Bruce Chatwin, Matisse and Andre Breton cant all be wrong

About 15 bucks for three of the larger ones

Brian Eno Lux
LUX is Brian Eno’s first solo album on Warp Records and his first solo release since 2005’s Another Day On Earth. It finds him expanding upon the types of themes and sonic textures that were present on such classic albums as Music For Films, Music For Airports and Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks.

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Two upcoming shows

Informal Relations, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis IN, Curator: Scott Grow. December 3 – January 15, 2010

Matthew Langley – Atmospheres & Imaginary Soundtracks, Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Washington DC. January 28 – February 26, 2011

A solo show in DC at Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Georgetown – more detail as that gets closer.

With INFORMAL RELATIONS: Contemporary Abstract Works on Paper, Scott Grow has curated a really diverse group of abstract paperworks – here’s a bit more detail from the press release…

Informal Relations presents recent abstract works on paper by a diverse group of international artists, and focuses on the diversity of practices–approaches, styles, and intentions–within painting and abstraction today. The exhibition’s title refers to the kind of “informal relations” artists have with one another, their predecessors, with the modernist tradition, the future, and even with their own work. While works on paper may stand as finished works, they are also often places for exploration, thinking, planning, taking chances, and failure.

Abstract art is challenging because of its concrete and/or metaphoric nature which refuses expected representation, its defiance of language and absolute interpretation, and because it requires the viewer’s engagement and participation. And because abstraction is not a singular school or style, the term itself is not necessarily helpful in identifying the qualities or concepts embodied in the art object: artists often naturally have shared and conflicting objectives for the art they make. Abstraction, which lends itself to various aesthetic, conceptual, and political stances, is broadly multiphasic, utilitarian, and flexible.

Each artist presented here confronts, investigates, and presents a definition of abstract painting true to his or her materials, motifs, and sensibilities. Informal Relations explores the similarities, differences, and connections between these artists, their dialog with abstraction’s history, and various directions forward for abstraction.

This exhibition presents the works of 32 artists from across the United States, Germany, Spain and Japan. Participating artists include: Patrick Alt, Chris Ashley, Patrick Berran, Kadar Brock, Matthew Deleget, Laura Fayer, Keltie Ferris, Patrick Michael Fitzgerald, Connie Goldman, Brent Hallard, Rachel Hayes, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Michael Just, Matthew Langley, Jim Lee, Rossana Martinez, Rob Nadeau, Melissa Oresky, Paul Pagk, Danielle Riede, Maximillian Rodel, Eric Sall, Susan Scott, Gabriel J. Shuldiner, Jessica Snow, Henning Straßburger, Garth Weiser, Wendy White, Paige Williams, Douglas Witmer, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung and John Zurier.

The exhibit will be accompanied by a fully-illustrated, downloadable catalog.

An opening reception will take place December 3rd from 6pm – 10pm
Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday 11am – 6pm

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA)

1043 Virginia Avenue, Suite 5, Indianapolis, IN 46203

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (iMOCA) is pleased to announce the group exhibition, Informal Relations curated by Indianapolis-based artist and curator Scott Grow.

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Coming soon at Dia

Artists on Artists Lecture: Daniel Lefcourt on Imi Knoebel

Monday, September 13, 2010, 6:30pm

535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10011
212 989 5566

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File under "irony"

I tend to stay away from this sort of thing, but the BP spill is so bad and even worse – how it’s been handled. It’s a crime on so many moral levels it’s hard to even see or talk about in depth. At the end of the conversation you are just looking at the person you are talking to and practically making mouth sounds to hold the anger and sadness in. I’m sure this has been all over the internet – but it is, as Alanis would say, like a black fly in your chardonnay.

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I’m thrilled to announce that I am now represented by Susan Maasch Fine Art in Portland Maine.

Matthew Langley, Central Reservation, 2010, 18 x 24″, Acrylic on Board

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