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The Cresting Wave: The San Francisco Underground Comix Experience

“The Cresting Wave: The San Francisco Underground Comix Experience,” a group exhibition featuring underground comix artists from San Francisco, from the mid-’60’s to the late ’80’s. Artists included are Mark Bode, Vaughn Bode, Guy Colwell, R. Crumb, Jay Kinney, Paul Mavrides, Dan O’Neill, Trina Robbins, Spain Rodriguez, Gilbert Shelton, Larry Todd, Randy Vogel, and S. Clay Wilson. Culling work from private collectors and the artists themselves, guest curator, Underground Comix writer, publisher and historian, Dan Fogel, has amassed important work from each artist that spans personal drawings, well-known comix pieces, including covers and original comps, as well as other rare ephemera from the heyday of the San Francisco scene.

This is being held in probably my favorite San Franciscan gallery – Electric Works – well worth taking the time to meet them if you can. more info here.

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