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From behind the velvet curtain…

I rarely discuss my personal life here (and that will no doubt continue), but I think a brief note is in order about what is happening to this blog in the next month or so and the changes you as reader might expect.

Due to some rather large changes in my personal life among other things, in mid September or early October I will be moving to Brooklyn, Bushwick to be exact. Washington DC has been my home, since just about forever and as much as I love it here it is time for me to leave and pursue a few things that this area does not support as well as the New York City area.

Here’s what is going to happen in the short term:
I’ll be writing as much as possible about the end of this years DC art related events and news of note, as well as the usual ephemera that strikes my fancy.

In late September – more of the focus will be covering the New York arts community, however I will still be visiting DC on a fairly regular schedule so don’t think I’m dropping DC or any of the other stupid stuff I throw in as well.

My apologies for the silence that I’ve generated here for the last couple of weeks, that will be correcting itself promptly.

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