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Donald Judd's concrete works re-open

The Chinati Foundation is re-opening of Donald Judd’s Freestanding Works in Concrete, as well as exhibitions of drawings by Judd and a selection of his horizontal wall works, on October 10. The concrete works have received an extensive conservation treatment over the past two years. To mark the occasion, Chinati is hosting a weekend featuring a series of talks on these works and their conservation treatment; an exhibition of seldom-displayed Judd works from the museum’s permanent collection.

On Saturday, October 10 at 3:00 PM there will be a conversation about the concrete works and the conservation work. Speakers will be; James Lawrence, Francesca Esmay, Bettina Landgrebe, and Richard Shiff. The lectures will be webcast live on Chinati’s website as well.

For More information visit the Chinati Foundation’s web site.

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