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Tidbits from all over the place

ARTnews steps to the microphone with a article on the rise of photography. (how timely) Anyhow, the always interesting Lisa Kereszi got the cover this month. I’m a big fan of hers however I’m a bit shocked you would put an artist on the cover and show the same image inside – and that’s it. I would think that if someone is deserving of your cover at least a few images (or even one other) would be shown.

I’m completely digging William Wegman’s “Postcard Paintings” I saw a huge one (painting!) at Art Basel Miami Beach this year and the few I’ve recently seen are really interesting. Granted it’s not going to be holiday calendar worthy like the Man/Fay Ray photos, these take a very simple premise and push it well beyond the viewer’s assumptions. This is especially interesting (to me) as I was never a big fan of his drawings/paintings before.

No Longer Innocent: Book Art in America 1960-1980
I’ve reviewed this recently without reading it and of course now I am. It’s a very interesting read however I am now more convinced than ever that the synthesis of Conceptual Art, Land Based/Environmental Art, Book Art, and Performance Art all met at the cultural crossroads at just the right time. It seems like a shame that these practices are seemingly in decline at more or less the same time. Performance art (to me) has been replaced by video installations/documentary – which I don’t view as quite the same thing.

Samantha Wolov’s photography is interesting to me – she call’s it “anti-pornography” I think they are just sexy images that are not staged like pornography is. It’s clear to me that this isn’t someone who wants to be Bunny Yeager or Dian Hansen – This staging and a clear delineation that these are not exploitive of the model(s) is what sets her work apart from pornography. I can’t believe (ok, I lie – I can believe) that local galleries have called her work porn and have refused to show her – ridiculous. By the way – most of her models are of real people – I just like the barbie images.

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