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Spencer Tunick nude photo shoot being sold in pubs

When roughly 2000 volunteers got naked last July, they thought they were in for nothing more than maybe a cold bottom.

Now, the rest of the story, it turns out close-up surveillance camera images of some of the (naked!) participants have been offered for sale to drinkers in local pubs and the police have begun an investigation into “possible misuse” of the footage. Two of police staff face suspension.

My favorite quote on the matter:

“If there is found to be any substance in these allegations we will take prompt and robust action. This is not the standard of behaviour expected of anyone employed by Northumbria Police.”

You probably cant tell but I’m laughing, deep down inside where it counts. I really do prefer my naked people pictures sold by the police – it just seems so much safer that way.

I like Tunicks work, and I like the people (or at least the spirit of the people) who pose for his work. His working process is interesting and the images themselves are strong, I’m hoping no one is hurt by the pictures being sold in bars, but I still have to laugh. I guess at heart I’m still basically 12.

Get the whole story at The Independent.

BTW the above is Cleveland – not England.

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