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New on TV: Artland: USA

Artland: USA is a 12 episode road trip that covers the USA looking at art – anywhere but in New York or Los Angeles. Of course a lot of what is covered is able to be seen in the cultural centers, however seeing them outside of the usual settings is indeed interesting. Here is the basic disclaimer: Art on television is incredibly difficult, and probably impossible to not water down to a certain level. I think Artland: USA does this better than most.

Shown in high definition on the VOOM HD Networks, Artland: USA is a real treat to watch. A lot of the credit goes to the crew – maximizing the wide aspect ratio to it’s fullest extent. The host’s of the show Charles Luxton and Mame McCutchin are personalities that are engaging and not overpowering. A strong choice for a show about traveling in a motor-home.

Week four airs this thursday night and covers the region from Denver to Minneapolis. Highlights will include; Carhenge, The Des Moines Art Center, The Quilt Study Center, The General Mills Art Collection, a vist with photographer Alex Soth, and the Walker Art Center.

What I like is the diverse approach to the subject matter – small museums, artists at work, roadside art, architecture and folk art.

Some previous episodes have covered Marfa Texas and the Chinati Center, The Farnsworth House (Mies van der Rohe) in Plano, Illinios, as well as the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, and Michael Heizer’s Double Negative in Overton, Nevada.

Artland: USA is on the Dish Network on channel 9472.

All photos from Artland:USA


  1. Just to say thanks for your comments, Matthew.I’m one of the producers of the show — and you’re right, art on TV is hard to pull off. But we’re quietly pleased with what we managed in this show — and hopeful that with Gallery HD we’ll get another chance with a second series in 2007.

  2. Gwyneth Cadwell

    January 2011, Just found the first of theARTLAND USA series trip starting in San Diego and the second installment this week January 13, 2011, has skipped to New York. We are receiving on the Halo channel thru Comcast TV, and would love to follow your works and this adventure. I am not seeing ‘dates’ posted anywhere as to recent entries or events. Cannot pull up anything past this week on our selections.
    Have we missed the boat on this interesting show and all 12,000 miles of it? Love to see these out of the way area’s with focus on ART and some not so, but interesting all the same. Too bad more information is not available for viewers to find this. Gwyneth Cadwell.

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