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Lloyd Wolf's street shrines

Recently in the Washington Informer Patrice Gaines wrote about Lloyd Wolf’s photographs of homemade street shrines to murder victims in Washington DC. Washington is home to a number of other more high profile shrines – and it’s clear to me that these are more like the “forgotten ones”.

I try not to get too high and mighty about politics on the blog, however, we as a nation seem to be more interested in the plight of other people in other nations, and are increasingly turning a blind eye to our own communities. Sometimes our light needs to be turned inward to see the problems we face on a more local level. Lloyds photographs carry a serious “personal is political” philosophy behind them and are all the more powerful because of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know not everyone gets to have a white marble monument, and I know it’s hard everywhere, sometimes it just seems like we become too distracted by the things that are so far away.

Here’s the article

Above, Lloyd Wolf, DeOnte’ Rawlings’s Shrine, 2007

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