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I can't get the new Ellswoth Kelly print out of my mind.

I’ve been thinking pretty much non-stop about the new Ellsworth Kelly print from Gemini G.E.L. (Blue, Gray, Green, Red) I kind of liked what I saw in print (Artforum, probably) before I went to Miami, but I was not expecting to see what I did at Gemini G.E.L. at ABMB. I find Kelly interesting, he is one of those artists that when you look back at say Picasso or Mattise – he goes Mattise (as do I). While possibly far too many go Picasso. It is an artwork that has just continued to resonate in my head and I am thinking of it constantly.

It seems to be in the spirit of an earlier piece Painting for a White Wall, 1952. I became aware of this artwork (Painting…) in the recent Blinky Palermo catalog from that amazing retrospective in Germany last year.

Blue, Gray, Green, Red is a real egalitarian piece – all colors are the same size, chroma, etc. but the presence of the piece is just a knockout, when you think of doing so much with so little – this is a landmark.

I’ve always liked Kelly, but I’ve never really been knocked out by him like this.

Programming Note: This is the last post of the year as I take time to enjoy the holidays. I hope you and your loved ones have a great holiday however you may choose to celebrate it.

Top: Ellsworth Kelly, Blue Gray Green Red,  2008, 4 color lithograph, 48 x 130 inches, Projected edition of 18

Lower: Ellsworth Kelly,Painting for a White Wall, 1952, Oil on canvas, five joined panels, 23 1/2 by 71 1/4 inches

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