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I never thought that I would write about facebook – but what the hell. Over the holiday my college class (Corcoran School of Art) discovered each other on facebook when a couple of people started posting photos of our time together. I’ve never been one to be too sentimental, I almost religiously skip reunions, etc but when these photographs were placed in front of me, it sent me into a tizzy of compulsively and incessantly thinking about things from when I was in school. To be frank, the thinking about myself was not too kind. I guess it’s easy to see your failings when they are behind you, and view others as being more in control, attractive, whatever adjective you might use. I would probably guess that we were all kind of fucked up, but I think I’m near the top of that list. It’s very probable that I still am.

For the most part I’m camera shy, so I didn’t think that there were too many pictures of me around – well one surfaced yesterday and although the shirt I’m wearing in it is about the greatest shirt ever known to man (for the record, that shirt is a white, van huesen, 100% cotton, with a tab collar – yes, I wear it better than Peter Zaremba of the Fleshtones and even better than Dylan did on the cover of Blonde on Blonde), In the photo, I look either bitter or unhappy (maybe both), so I went home and rummaged around my old negatives and found a couple of things.

I realized I was even more pretentious than I thought I was. So in an act of stupidity, enjoy. Please don’t ask for me to scan all 36 shots – I could barely deal with the few I did scan. I think I’m still wearing that shirt as well. I still need to find a somewhat friendly photo of me also.

I also stumbled over a few photographs of the collages I was doing in school – I scanned them also. I will be back in the present tomorrow or so.

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