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Artist Books and Zines

Artist Books and Zines have been in and around my art practice since the very beginning. One of my earliest memories of art books was Nancy Roeder taking my art foundation class (Virginia Commonwealth University, 1981) to the special collections library to see the amazing artist books collection that is housed there. It opened me up to thinking about things in quite different ways. Later I would discover underground zines through punk rock culture and comix.

This DIY approach to creative practice was pushed forward during the COVID 19 pandemic, when making zines became a more focused creative outlet.


Brainard Carey features my zines on Youtube and on Yale University Radio (February 2021)

Throughout this episode, Langley’s zines are showcased in detail, inviting viewers to appreciate the fusion of visual storytelling and print-based art. During the presentation Carey offers insights into the creative process behind zine-making, encouraging artists and enthusiasts alike to explore the vast possibilities of this engaging and dynamic medium.
 Watch the video on Youtube


A Year in Painting

This monograph, traces the project that began life in late 2014 that would eventually become a project to create a painting every day of the year for 2015. The artworks are presented in chronological order allowing the reader to go on the same journey that the artist experienced.

Hardbound Book
A Year in Painting contains over 370 full color images with a introduction by Chris Martin.

20 Dollars (5 dollars shipping)


The Sketchbook Project Vol 3

Created for The Sketchbook Project - this 4 foot long accordian book traveled the United States in a project sponsored by the Art House.

Private collection


Mix Tape

This is a collection of short writings about relationships paired with a "mix tape” (of music) that one might have made as it pertains to relationships in the late 20th century.

This is a Zine
16 pages. Laser printed and saddle stitched.

5 Dollars (free shipping)


Modern Times

Modern Times is the publication of my recent screen prints - it helps explain and offers a deeper understanding of the artworks that comprise the body of work of the same name.

This is a Zine
16 pages. Laser printed and saddle stitched.

5 Dollars (free shipping)


How To Be An Artist

HTBAA is a alternative look at How To Be An Artist - A book published by Jerry Saltz in 2020. It’s  as practical and timely as anything else people will tell you about the practical nature of being an artist.

This is a Zine
16 pages. Laser printed and saddle stitched.

5 Dollars (free shipping)


A History of Particular Colors

These are really short stories about colors. More importantly about the names around commercial oil paint and anything else that comes to mind.

This is a Zine
16 pages. Laser printed and saddle stitched.

5 Dollars (free shipping)

Purchase all of my zines for $20.00 (free shipping)

Current & Upcoming

September 2023
The Secret Lives of Color
KW Contemporary
Kennebunk, ME

Page Bond Gallery

Richmond, VA
Through July 15

Recent Exhibitions

The Ripple Effect
Through January 2023
Visual Art Center of New Jersey
Sumitt, NJ

November 2022
Affordable Art Fair Singapore
Rebecca Hossack Gallery

December 2022
Art Miami
Blank Space
Miami, FL

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Two Interviews By Brainard Carey on Yale Radio
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