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Punk Art Exhibition – The Catalogue Washington Project For The Arts, Washington, DC, 1978

I stumbled over a link for this at of all places “Brightest Young Things” website, it has a link to the 98 Bowery website (Marc H. Miller’s website and address for the 20 years or so that he lived there from 68 – 89)

Alice Denney, the mastermind of this show, was the kind of agent provocateur the DC area has missed for the last 20 or so years. Her vision that helped define the Washington Project For the Arts has yet to be surpassed and really it only ever came close during the era that Jock Reynolds helmed the WPA in the early eighties. Since then, it’s pretty safe to say that the WPA has been asleep pretty much since the mid to late 80’s. Here’s hoping that with a new approach we will see some more exciting things come it’s way.

A punk show in DC without mention of harDCore?

That’s right because this show was put on in 1978 (just during the birth of the DC scene, and the fact it was primarily curated with an eye towards the East Village and Lower East Side of Manhattan as a visual guide.

In digging through the catalog I was shocked – literally by Tom Otterness’s inclusion in this – I’ve always thought of his work as just those friendly little sculptures, etc. – this will show a dark side that will surprise you.

I really enjoyed the ephemera that helped make and provide insight into the exhibit – a lot of things that are mostly forgotten now are given a bit of life in this presentation.

If you haven’t gone there yet – here’s the link


Top: Punk Art Catalogue Back cover: Scott B & Beth B, Max Karl, 1978

Bottom: Punk Art Catalogue front cover: Miller, Ringma & Hoppe, “Smashed Mona,” 1978

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