Robert Smithson

Without a doubt, Robert Smithson is my favorite of all of the “EarthWorks” artists. Currently showing at the Whitney, Smithson is about far more than “Spiral Jetty”. In A Provisional Theory of Non-Sites Smithson creates a theory of indoor site works – playing this against two and three dimensional images that represent a site say in New Jersey but shown in a gallery anywhere (a non-site). It is the understanding of distance and place that can become the metaphor of the work actually subverting (my word) the original intent of the piece. He then finishes this with this small nugget…

“This little theory is tentative and could be abandoned at any time. Theories like things are also abandoned. That theories are eternal is doubtful. Vanished theories compose the strata of many forgotten books.”

I believe that this thought – that theory can be tentative – is a huge leap in thinking about art, frankly I see it as freeing the artist and at the same time not allowing critical thought to be forced down a single path. Just my take, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

The Last Great Seaside Slum

Thought I would share this image (more to come) from a photo series I’ve been working on for the last year or so. The series is called “The Last Great Seaside Slum” and is based on the vanishing DIY culture of the eastern seaboard – specifically from Atlantic City, NJ to Ocean City, MD.

A few images are showing up in selected group shows this summer, if your in Frederick, Maryland or New York City this summer check back and I’ll keep you updated on the show information.

Freedom of Expression

Question: Are we in danger of losing our freedom of expression simply by using it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…


This blog will be not so much a discussion of my work, but hopefully it will be more about art I’m interested in with occasional thoughts and announcements about my own work.

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