A Great New Film Service

FilmStruck is a new streaming service that will also host nearly the entire Criterion Collection on its platform. If that doesn’t make you want to rethink you Netflix subscription I don’t know what will.

TCM and the Criterion Collection have launched FilmStruck, that will feature a library of contemporary and classic arthouse, indie, foreign, and cult films, as well as extensive bonus content, filmmaker interviews, and rare footage. For example, over the weekend I watched Truffaut’s The Last Metro, Robert Altman’s The Player, and Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger Than Paradise. FilmStruck hosts nearly the entire Criterion Collection for as little as Ten dollars a month.

As I started to look at the collection of films offered I realized that none of these films will ever shown up on Netflix – at least not anytime soon.

Learn more about Filmstruck at Filmstruck.com

A few great Michelangelo Antonioni quotes

Gentle reader, I’ll be the first to admit that he was not a painter/sculptor, but a film maker – but do understand he (to me) was less a story teller than a visualist. Frankly there are just not too many directors that bring it visually the way he did, and with the state of affairs that is the modern film industry I don’t see that happening too soon. Although I thought “The American” by Anton Corbijn was really strong as was … nothing is really coming to me although Jim Jarmusch certainly comes to mind (is anyone cooler than Eszter Balint in “Stranger Than Paradise”) as does David Lynch. Anyway, enjoy.

“A man who renounces something is also a man who believes in something.”

“What I reject is this refusal to let silence have its place, this need to fill supposed voids.”

“A film you can explain in words is not a real film.”

“I think people talk too much; that’s the truth of the matter. I do. I don’t believe in words. People use too many words and usually wrongly.”

Anyway, this evening these words spoke to me.