My Work at CONTEXT: Art Miami

I’ll have work at CONTEXT: Art Miami in the Art in Public Spaces Program. I’ll be exhibiting 35 of my small artworks in a stand alone exhibition. You will be able to find my work at space SP10. This will be my largest presentation of these works ever (35 paintings) attached is one of the proposal images for the installation.

Thanks to F. Lennox Campello and the team at Alida Anderson Art Projects for sponsoring this exhibition.

For more information:
Midtown | Wynwood Arts District
118 NE 34th Street
Miami, FL 33127

Web site: CONTEXT: Art Miami

Interesting Info-Graphic and Data on Art Fairs

According to this article (and info-graphic) at ArtNews:

Recently The New York Times cited Skate’s Art Market Research in an article on the slowdown in the growth of art fairs worldwide. In an analysis of attendance figures, Skate’s found “that 1,032,792 people attended the world’s top 20 art fairs in 2014, a 7.4 percent decline from the previous year,” The Times reported. Despite the dip, art fair attendance is impressive, given that only a handful of these events have existed for more than a decade.

What I find interesting is that many people will go to more than one fair – especially the ABMB / Art Miami numbers are curious. I’m assuming there is a ton of overlap between those two. However, with fair attendance decreasing but sales increasing (or at least sales numbers increasing) I think we are a long way off from seeing the art market change it’s current stance on the necessity of fairs overall.

Walmart in Art Fairs Out in Wynnwood

The Miami Herald is reporting that a newly planned Walmart would force relocation of at least three art fairs. Scope, Red Dot and Art Asia are currently on land that Walmart is planning to build a new location in Wynnwood.

All is fine for the 2012 versions of the fairs, however after this upcoming season they will be looking for a new home.

I think this might also force a few other fairs to think or re-think current locations as well. I could see Art Miami try to find a location near the other three fairs or even try to find a place closer to the Ice Palace where Pulse is now (it previously housed the NADA fair). While Seven would not necessarily be affected by this, I could see them looking at a new location to be able to make things a bit easier for people visiting the fairs. Seven’s location has been well served by the shuttles that ran from Art Miami, Scope, Art Asia and Red Dot.