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So I gave myself a “snow day”.


I don’t have any real problems with the weather, however, this winter in New York (and elsewhere) was pretty unrelenting. With multiple weeks where the temperature never got above freezing, I found my mind starting to wander about a lot of things. Among them was my artwork. During the 12th or 13th day off due to snow, I thought the studio deserved one too. So I opened my mind to new approaches and ideas. It turned into an avalanche of new work produced over a period of 2 – 3 weeks. This new body of work, became more than 70 artworks on paper in that time and I realized that maybe this was a snow day I would remember for quite some time.

The work represents a shift in the final image of the artwork, but less so about the approach. The images as always are processed based with attention given to the act of constructing and deconstructing the image while pursuing the final image. I view this approach as the result of a process that is questioned, documented, changed and eventually a realization that the entire process is never finished. What is leftover are markers to observe and gauge the decision points of the process along the way.

These are a couple of the new works on paper, paintings are currently drying and will be posted soon. Check my web site for more images.


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Article in the Frederick News Post

Lauren LaRocca has written a nice article about the current show at the Delaplaine Arts Center and a bit about my process.

I’ve been bowled over by how positive everything has been in Frederick – from an easy to work with group at the Delaplaine to attentive viewers and artists in the area and thoughtful press. The show at the Delaplaine has been a tremendous experience. – Thanks to everyone.

You can find the whole article by following this link.

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A Few Images from Matthew Langley: The Expanded Field at The Delaplaine Arts Center

A few installation images from the recent opening of my current show, The Expanded Field. On display at the Delaplaine Art Center through February 26.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the surprisingly snowy opening. No show is simply a one person affair and I am thankful for the help of everyone at the Delaplaine for everything they did as well as a special “Thank You” to Stephen Boocks for his help and advice on the installation of the show.

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Summer's over – back to work.. A new show

I’m thrilled to be part of Beyond Measure at C2 Fine Arts in St. Petersberg FL.

The show runs through November 1 and features art work by  Cecily Kahn, Kayla Mohammadi, Julie Karabenick, Alice Oh, Rachael Wren, as well as myself.

If you live nearby or are traveling, please drop in to see it.

C2 Fine Art
400 Beach Dr. NE Suite 161
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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Art Beat on WAMU/NPR

Yesterday I was mentioned by WAMU on the ‘Art Beat’ With Sean Rameswaram. It’s a really nice segment on my work and current show. Thanks to all the WAMU staff and Sean for putting it together.

I’ve taken the liberty to post the segment here on the blog but I really think you might also find some interesting things at the “Art Beat” page.

On the web site they gave me the heading “The Canvas King”. It makes me laugh but I’m happy to now include myself with other great “Kings” – Jerry Lawler, Elvis Presley (and all the other “kings” of rock and roll), King Kong Bundy, The King Of New York Pizzeria, and the Burger King among many others.

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Nice write up in Elan Magazine

Recently I was contacted by Donna Cedar-Southworth about an interview for Elan Magazine. While sitting in the video lounge at Art Basel we discussed some of the things that matter most to me in making my art, we would follow up later working on getting the details right.

I’m really happy with the resulting interview, you can read it here.

Big thanks to Donna Cedar-Southworth, and Alice Ross at Elan Magazine.

While I’ve got you here…

Indianapolis MoCA (or IndyMoCA) has released the catalog for the show I’m in called “Informal Relations”. That catalog is here.

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Matthew Langley at Susan Calloway Fine Art – January 28 through February 26

I’m having a show in Washington DC this month at Susan Calloway Fine Arts (1643 Wisconsin Avenue NW) It features ten new paintings.

Come to the opening: January 28th 6 – 8 pm, or come and hear me talk about my work and ask questions about anything you might want to know about at my “Artist Talk”: January 29th 3 – 4 pm

Here are a few images for a sneak preview…

Perfect Afternoon, 50 x 50 inches, oil on canvas, 2010

The Internationalist, 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas, 2010

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Cheap Bastard Art Supplies – Early January Edition

This is a series of writings I’ve been meaning to write for sometime now. Most of this is common knowledge to most – however I’ve found that everyone loves a tip or two and let’s be honest. I hate buying stuff from art supply stores when I can get tools that are one third of the price and twice as much quantity from a number of places. All you have to do is look.

Cleaning Paint Brushes

I hate cleaning brushes, I’ve never ever said otherwise. I tend to keep my brushes in a series of ever changing jars of turpentine and stand oil. When I say ever changing, I really mean that I move them into fresh turp about every two months – because I hate cleaning them.

This usually lasts for about 10 months to a year before I go and spend a good part of an afternoon cleaning them. I’ve always thought you should use a good brush soap – so I’ve always used a combination of hand soap and dish soap as well as some of the “soap for brushes” that are sold in the art supply store. These all suck. And cleaning with them is slow and deathly boring process.

This weekend was brush cleaning day. During the process of cleaning brushes I ran out of soap (I know – the horror!) so I went to the bodega a couple of doors down and bought some soap. (This is kind of a lie, my girlfriend Jan went there and bought soap – I was a mess of splattered water and ill humor). She returned with the most amazing product I have ever seen used for cleaning brushes.

Hispano Laundry Soap.

I had never heard of bar laundry soap before but, this is pretty amazing stuff. It cuts through old turpentine and more importantly old minerals attached to brushes like it was no ones business. My brushes have not looked this good in a long time.

Two bars of soap for 2 dollars.

I’ll admit that after seeing the work this soap did on oil paint and turpentine I went and washed my hands and face thoroughly.

Some Questions

Will I still hate to clean my brushes?
Will I now clean them more often?

The answers to both are easy – yes and no.