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Do You Need a Leica

Quite frankly, it’s a hot take no one was asking for – just know if you say “I’m a Leica shooter”, my instict is to beat you around the head and shoulders – but in a good way.

If you want to buy one, use this link:

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Listening to Paint Dry – Episode 6

Listening to Paint Dry is a podcast for environments that are looking for something to listen to that won’t get in the way of your thinking. The music you will hear on LTPD is as ignorable as it is interesting, and as interesting as it is ignorable.

Episode Six: Features music from Cliff Martinez, Craig Armstrong, La Düsseldorf, Roxy Music, Saint Etienne, Ghost and Tape and Adrian Belew.

Listening to Paint Dry is a music podcast by Matthew Langley.

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Colors for a Large Wall at Page Bond Gallery

My latest show, Colors for a Large Wall, opens October 6 at Page Bond Gallery and runs through the 28th. It features new paperworks and a wall of the artworks that have been made for the A Painting A Day project.

Page Bond Gallery
1625 West Main Street
Richmond VA

Exhibition Dates: Thursday, October 6 – October 28
Opening Reception: October 6, 6 – 8 pm

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